Forever content & creativity….

DOOH investment across the globe continues to expand at a phenomenal rate, as digital network grow, programmatic platforms & AdTech adoption increases. It has changed the landscape of our high streets, arterial routes, malls & transit hubs, revolutionising the immediately with which clients can react, previously dominated by other media channels.

Without question the sector is returning with renewed strength & vigour, audiences are nearly back, & we are all enjoying being out & about again
And with that investment comes greater opportunities to really exploit the creative capabilities and technologies now afford us.. We have the infrastructure to deliver increased effectiveness, ensuring the creative is engaging & relevant to its location & environment. to works as hard as possible, optimising budgets

As an advocate of bringing media planning & creativity together, the opportunities blend location, context & relevance.  To get this right, creative teams need to know what media selection is being considered, how & when it's going to be consumed. Vis versa, media planning needs to work with creative considerations & message, but both need to return to the strategy

The reward is well worth the effort.

Accelerating AdTECH integration…

The impact of AdTech & the implications of programmatic OOH for clients has been both swiftly & widely adopted, revolutionising the immediately with which clients can react & adapt.

We are seeing our clients curiosity intensifying, albeit as part of their continued review of media efficiency, as DOOH’s evolution & investment comes back with renewed strength. For this sector, & some operators, these developments are long overdue, many have been forced to play catch up, adjusting to changes their client are expecting in delivering campaign efficiencies.

As new platforms enter the market, for clients direct, ensure you evaluate according to your customer base & marketing/media strategy aligning potential platform partners ‘ingredients’ align with your audience expectations & measurable needs.

For media vendors, keep your own estate front of mind, audience, environments & locations along with your business model, then make your decision. You can make additions at a later date

Diversiffi Media is an independent marketing strategy & commercial development consultancy, building marketing strategies, securing commercial partnerships & advising on AdTECH integration
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Business partnerships gaining momentum.....

Last week’s face to face meetings & in-person conferences raised the value of business partnerships, in all guises. Businesses are revisiting collaborations & partnerships which bring a fresh dynamic & renewed energy.

The right collaborations can open up new audiences, new markets & potentially wider distribution capabilities adding value to customers, whether in digital signage/DOOH, brand to brand partnership or as creative partners

Identifying the right partner requires an honest analysis of shortfalls/strengths, where all stakeholders benefit & share responsibility, it takes dedicated resources, perseverance, creative thinking & time, but well worth the effort.

At Diversiffi Media we own that challenge, as an independent marketing strategy & commercial development agency, we build revenue growth through assets, brokering commercial partnerships, delivering from initial exploration through to implementation.

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Consciously recoupling….

Consciously recoupling….

There is a flurry of noise & action in bringing creative & media planning back together. This isn’t new & nor should they ever have separated

In a previous life, I created Cheil Media, Samsung’s in-house agency, specifically to bring media planning & creative together. Media planning was both physically, & in processed, immersed in the creative dept. & vice versa. Working with the creative teams to show the different cultural locations, site elevations, visual lead-ins, AdTech/network capabilities etc allowed them to create bespoke executions &/or adapt global assets to optimise the canvas/screen & boosts campaign effectiveness

The best creative executions maximise effectiveness when there’s context, working with the location & architecture, content & environment. I’m fortunate to work with the best creative teams who instinctively set out to understand audience behaviours & channel consumption.

It’s good to see the two getting back together, though I’m still mystified why they got divorced in the first place.

Delivering on creative relevance....

Creative relevance....

Across all media channels,, working with channel uniqueness sees a significant uplift in receptiveness, recall, actions & works to with your audience mindset.

To do this, media planning needs to be a much closer partner to the creative industries. Keeping creative teams in the loop with technological advancements so, if applicable, these can be incorporated in their creative thinking. Key is to brief well, present the marketing strategy, & then let the creative teams do their thing

As programmatic allows the delivery of advertising in near real time,  to relevant, interested audiences, so should the creative served be relevant. As programmatic capabilities incorporate more channels, bringing the creative teams into the process before a plan is bought can make a world of difference. In the case of programmatic DOOH, demonstrating how it is consumed, as in visual lead-in, elevation, content contextual to locations etc network capabilities– how creative can move with audiences.

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