Data doesn't walk alone.....

I read a great article yesterday by Drew Jackson of StreetMetrics who expresses the answer to Out of Home media (OOH) biggest problem, driving market share, is consistent datasets.

I agree, I get it, the principle of utilising a consistent dataset from planning to attribution has long been touted as essential. Yet, global adoption has been disconnected with some focusing on location data for population analysis, while others prioritise attributing OOH exposure to conversions.

However, for me, data alone won't solve the problem. For me, it always starts with clients, & then built with many other elements, clearly including data.

Forging deep, meaningful connections with clients is about cultivating strategic partnerships that benefit all stakeholders involved & by default, the OOH sector.

As stakeholders in the OOH ecosystem, whether media owners, landlord or advisors, it's incumbent upon us to position ourselves as advocates of knowledge. This means engaging with clients on a deeper level, & understand their industry intricacies, goals, & pressure points. By transforming our OOH spaces into strategic assets aligned with clients' unique objectives, we elevate our role from mere space providers to trusted strategic consultants.

Moreover, it's vital to shift the narrative towards a collective, rather than individual pursuits. By offering insights, industry trends, & educational resources as a unified front, we allow clients to navigate the full spectrum of OOH advertising, particularly in the digital age.
In today's data-driven landscape, precision is non-negotiable. Data-backed campaigns aren't just effective; they're indispensable for maintaining a competitive edge. Transparent metrics foster trust and demonstrate the tangible value and collaboration we bring to the table.

It is the time to join forces, as well as our data, & engage directly with clients, alongside third-party partners, providing comprehensive options to allow clients to invest in partnerships that exceed the ordinary.

I heard a great quote some time ago, that says it all...."In the world of OOH, success lies not in moving the dial (grrrrr my pet hate), but in reshaping the entire landscape through collaborative innovation and client-centric strategies......."

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