Beyond the Scoreboard………..

Some relationships have the ability to defy the passing of time & fashion. One such union is the one that exists between major international sporting events and Out-of-Home (OOH) media; it is a tale of exposure, resonance, & amazing overlap between OOH media & athletic extravaganzas,
Sporting events are more than just games; they are cultural phenomena that communicate in a common language of fervour, camaraderie, & rivalry. They appeal to millions of people worldwide, making them the ideal setting for companies wishing to establish a meaningful connection.
The Olympics and Paralympics serve as a symbol of the unbreakable power of the human spirit. Many brands have leveraged their values during these international events.
The brilliant "Thank You, Mom" commercial from P&G honoured the unseen heroes who supported every Olympian—their mothers.
Coca-Cola's Paralympics campaign included the skills of competitors, encouraging diversity & inclusion on a global scale.
The Super Bowl is more than just an American football game; it is a phenomenon in popular culture.
The iconic Clydesdale horses of Budweiser, a reminder of the value of tradition and heritage in branding
Doritos' "Crash the Super Bowl" campaign encouraged user-generated content opening the content creation process to all, significantly engaging audiences.
The FIFA World Cup, a global spectacle unlike any other, captivates the interest of billions of people.
Adidas, strategically controls entire cityscapes during World Cups is known as "Adidas City Takeovers." Dominates public transport, turns parks into soccer fields, & produces a cross-border, immersive marketing experience.
Athleticism & altruism are combined in the London Marathon. Nike's augmented reality OOH campaign increased audience engagement by allowing runners to compete against virtual representations of professional athletes.
And finally, the Melbourne Cup is "the race that stops a nation." Brands like Emirates engage audiences and capitalise on Australians' passion for horse racing
All played out on OOH media
This collaboration between OOH and sporting events continues to show that it's not just a player on the pitch; it's also the world of advertising competing for attention in the highly competitive world of sports.

The universal language of visuals.....

I spent a great day yesterday packed full of meetings with like-minded 'doers', those that are driving business forward, understanding the true partnership approach that creates change & new opportunities.

This prompted me to continue exploring the influence & impact the constantly evolving OOH media sector has on the global media landscape  
Through our own international deliveries, I've witnessed firsthand how this powerful channel breaks geographical borders to tell stories that resonate universally to communicate tales that have a global impact.
OOH media speaks a universal language – that of visuals. It doesn't rely on linguistic barriers, instead, it communicates through striking imagery, colours & design. This visual storytelling, using a worldwide narrative canvas, overcomes language and cultural barriers.
Whether it's a vibrant mural, an interactive installation, full motion or a larger-than-life billboard, OOH creates experiences that become part of people's stories.
Visual first campaigns celebrate shared values, global issues, or cultural festivities that resonate across borders. Brands can connect with diverse audiences by tapping into universal emotions & themes, a conduit for cross-cultural understanding.
OOH media's global impact on brand storytelling breaks down linguistic barriers, captivates public spaces, & fosters cross-cultural connections. As the media landscape continues to evolve, OOH's ability to craft narratives that resonate across the world reinforces its status as a transformative medium
Again, so valuable to see how far we've come.....

Naming Rights - still a valuable commodity

In recent months the conversation around naming rights partnerships has elevated, & often includes quite a bit of confusion about the purpose, opportunity & value.

Naming rights are more than slapping a brand's name on a building or venue. It's a strategic partnership that intertwines businesses with the very fabric of iconic landmarks, sports arenas, &/or cultural hubs.

The impact on a brand's visibility & recognition cannot be underestimated. It's a powerful opportunity to establish a lasting impression in the minds of customers. Whether it's a sports stadium, a concert hall, a transit hub or a retail/leisure complex, the association with a location elevates the brand's presence, generating invaluable exposure. Naming rights build emotional connections, by aligning with a location or institution, brands tap into people's emotions and values. This connection translates into genuine customer loyalty, advocacy, & positive sentiment, creating a legacy, a moment in history.

These executions can also be an investment in the community. By supporting local landmarks & institutions, brands demonstrate their commitment to a given city or the regions they serve, further strengthening a brand reputation & sense of trust among consumers

The world of naming rights is evolving, with innovative partnerships driving groundbreaking initiatives. Brands now collaborate with organizations that share their values and missions, amplifying the impact of both parties. Such partnerships are not just about branding; they become catalysts for positive change.

However, it's crucial to strike the right balance. Authenticity and relevance are key. Brands must align with venues that complement & marry with their identity & values. A meaningful connection ensures long-term success & genuine resonance with the audience.

When done well, naming rights executions are integral to progressive branding strategies, offering a gateway to unparalleled brand exposure, emotional connections, & community engagement, with potential for all brands/businesses, not just global brands.

Diversiffi Media is a global independent commercialisation and business development agency, recognised for building & monetising assets through digital OOH networks, digital transformation & brokering commercial partnerships.

Leading OOH investors see a glowing future for OOH

I've been really fortunate to sit down with some of the OOH leading investors & chiefs, discussing & debating the progress of OOH, & I fully agree, it's a really exciting time as the future unfolds & accelerates.

As part of my role, OOH commercialisation is a key delivery as landlords/commercial property owners explore new revenue opportunities, & brands explore fresh locations.

In essence, OOH commercialisation refers to the process of harnessing qualifying physical spaces for brands to deliver meaningful engagements with consumers, whilst creating new revenue streams for landlords.

In an age of ad-blockers, content overload & concern, OOH stands out as a non-intrusive & effective medium, connecting with consumers in their day to day lives.
With the advent of data-driven insights & technology, OOH has evolved to a level of precision to maximise impact. This data-driven approach allows brands to optimise campaigns in real time to achieve better ROI.

An evolving exciting, sector that shapes the landscape, is not hindered by content, with a bright future for growth.

Diversiffi Media is a global independent commercialisation and business development agency, recognised for building & monetising assets through digital OOH networks, digital transformation & brokering commercial partnerships

Global markets can be perplexing……

Navigating global markets, getting a grip on considerations that influence market maturity can be bewildering. Identifying the specifics in terms of different media landscapes, legislations, D/OOH/media penetration, landlord agreements, cultural needs along with population growth & dispersal is complex, & requires a deep dive to reveal investment opportunities & potential revenue streams.
The global Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising sector was predicting an increase to $28.48 Bn by the close of 2022, from a CAGR of 11.2%

However, the impact of CV has reshaped population distribution,
accelerated the digital infrastructure & the adoption of AdTech, which has resulted in a revised forecast.

At a CAGR of 9.1%, the OOH sector is now anticipated to reach $40.42 Bn by 2026. In turn, digital OOH is now predicted to reach $16.8 Bn* by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 13.8% between 2022 & 2028. Share of digital OOH trajectory is significantly increasing, even though the last few years saw major disruption, with North America reporting double-digit share & UK at 64%

Urban population growth is an important factor in OOH growth, & creating opportunities to expand network reach beyond inner cities. The growth of urban populations in both established & emerging markets will impact D/OOH deployment & advertising uptake. For example, by 2050, forecasts suggest 416m urban residents in India, 255m in China, & 189m in Nigeria, accounting for more than a third of the world's projected urban expansion.

Commissioning an exploration of predetermined markets is not just the analysis of data, local & trade intelligence, scrutinising emerging companies & AdTech platforms, it’s translating that information into actionable insight that can support crafting & implementing strategies, whilst directing resources.

Diversiffi Media is an independent agency with a global reach, recognised for leading asset assessment, due diligence for M&A, building & monetising assets through digital OOH networks, digital transformation & brokering commercial partnerships. Delivering sustainable data-driven media solutions and revenue streams that best meet our client's needs.