Reinvigorating empty retail units

We have read much about the challenges commercial landlords face as tenants either struggle with rents or where recent M&A have closed multiple retail units across malls or a single high street.

In the last week, a key commercial landlord reported plans to transform empty units into experience venues, a great example of encouraging customers back by reimagining spaces

Commercialising existing assists is a priority. An immediate solution is exploring opportunities through LED signage, generating additional revenues through digital outdoor advertising screens &/or creating a fresh comms platform.

The first step is to analyse a portfolio or selected assets/sites to identify which meet the core criteria and eliminate those which don’t qualify, mapping out maximum visibility, before calculating revenue potential.

Diversiffi Media is an independent strategic commercialisation and business development agency. As part of our commercial services, we work with landlords, asset management, commercial/retail property development globally, monetising assets through DOOH networks, commercial partnerships, and creatively.

Dust off those commercial opportunities lurking in your virtual bottom drawer.....

If you haven’t already, it’s time to dust off those commercial opportunities lurking in your virtual bottom drawer & bring them to fruition.

Albeit, you may need to adapt implementation &/or give them a good sense check, but there is certainly a renewed energy in moving opportunities forward

As a result of the last year & a bit, many projects & initiatives understandably faltered, but clients are revisiting their plans, recognising the value they saw then to their customers & teams, & bringing them back on the table, which is a delight…..

We take those opportunities, build the strategy for implementation against the core objectives & make it happen. Our current projects range from developing new revenues streams through asset management, bringing a dynamic approach to creativity & creating bespoke commercial channels that have the power and scale for sustainable growth.

If this sounds familiar & you have untapped potential, now is the time to revisit

Diversiffi Media is an independent commercialisation and business development consultancy. Delivering strategy and implementation across media, digital transformation and commercial partnerships, commercialising creativity/content.

Accelerating AdTech integration…

Accelerating AdTech integration…

The impact of AdTech & the implications of programmatic OOH for clients has been both swiftly & widely adopted, revolutionising the immediacy with which clients can react & adapt.

Client’s curiosity is intensifying, albeit as part of their continued review of media efficiency, but DOOH’s evolution & investment has come back with renewed strength. For this sector, & some operators, these developments are long overdue.

Integrating new technologies that deliver greater efficiency & impact to marketing objectives, & align to brand strategy will always be welcome, but as ever, ‘just because you can doesn’t mean you should’ so it remains an enabler for ideas, not the base ideas are generated from.

Technologies within LED screens & the imaginations of creative teams, not only deliver impact in-situ but travel globally via social media, a great partnership, one we are seeing grow more & more. Japan £d Skinjuku cat is a great example

Diversiffi Media is an independent commercialisation & business development agency, building marketing strategies, securing commercial partnerships & advising on AdTech integration

It may be raining again, but it's not dampening our spirits

Sport always brings us together, England through to play again tomorrow in the Euros against Denmark, Wimbledon is in the final weeks with new names rising to the top…all brilliantly giving a sense of camaraderie & renewed energy

That’s translating back into business, with projects being revisited, new executions, new ideas returned to & potential revenues opportunities coming to fruition.

Not only has, understandably, the last 18 mths put much on the back burner but it’s often left due to lack of resources &/or the expertise to bring them to reality

However, that’s shifting. Now is the time to re-examine those projects you knew were right for your business & your customers, & move them into action. At the very least, get the right advisors to review & research its validity. It could be the game changer you’re looking for or solve a problem that just niggling away, the one that starts swirling as your head hits the pillow ……….

Never leave opportunities unexplored...........

There’s a sense of renewed energy swirling about which moves ideas forward

Many businesses & clients are revisiting ideas & potential revenues opportunities which have been left on the table because they don’t have the resources, time or the expertise to bring them to fruition,
From our client’s perspective, removing a niggling pressure is a huge relief, letting them turn their attention to other parts of the business. We own the problem/business issue, deliver against agreed KPI’s, & make things happen, both as a standalone or collaborating with existing suppliers.

Projects ranging from leading product launches, developing new revenues streams, bringing a more dynamic approach to creativity, &/or creating bespoke commercial partnerships that have the power and scale for sustainable growth

The market is moving again, now is the time to revisit ideas & get curious as to what could be…if you’ve left potential business concept behind, let's see if they are viable…