Our aim is to provide our clients with actionable solutions that grow revenues and accelerate progress.  Unlocking new revenues streams held in assets, or brokering mutually beneficial partnerships, our approach demystifies the business challenges allowing us to deliver a complete solution

"Fiona created Cheil Media, having identified a disconnect between media planning & creative which transformed our UK offering. She is a great relationship person ....clients love her for her passion for their business, the creative department love her for her ability to get great ideas made, and her direct reports would walk over hot coals for her. She is tenacious, commercial, creative and 100% committed."

Matt Pye COO Cheil UK

"Diversiffi Media helps our clients to understand the costs, ROI and opportunities presented by the digital Out of Home industry.  A key factor for clients in determining the costs and benefits of OOH, is knowing where to locate digital hardware, what content will work well and how to deliver that targeted content to the right clients. Fiona and her team help our clients monetising their assets and deliver successful creative, content and brand strategies."

Bob Kronman, Kronman Associates

As specialists in the Digital / Out of Home (D/OOH) sector, we provide a range of advisory and Outdoor media services to new and existing D/OOH networks.  Obsessed with bridging the gap between screen capabilities and creative innovation, our workshops aim to drive new thinking in contextualising content to audience, location and environment as well as many other influences.

Included in our media and marketing toolkit are....

Our experience covers many disciplines. 

As the Out of Home media consultancy, our revenue assessment services unlock new revenues streams for landlords/municipalities through managed assets, including commercial land/properties, current street furniture and /or exploring new locations, creating a network from the bottom up. We look at the complete portfolio with recommendations for development, screen placements/orientation, environments, visual lead-in through to audience behaviour, optimising visibility and maximum impact. We forecast potential revenues, review existing revenue share agreements ensuring all parties are realising a fair return.  Creating marketing collateral to engage media owner interest, Diversiffi Media can liaise through the tender process, appointing the recommended media owners and mange the process/revenues thereafter. With a specialism in D/OOH, we advise on both classic OOH & integrating DOOH networks and systems to drive easy access and ultimately, accelerate revenues.

We have a history of successfully creating formidable strategic brand partnerships which at their heart, enhances the customer experience, immersed in shared values. These partnerships can be executed as fully integrated marketing collaborations, and/or bespoke high impact spectaculars.

Our passion for driving digital creative follows suit. With growing opportunities to contextualise content by location, time of day, environment, weather etc, our creative workshops bring screen capabilities and the creative community together to inform and experiment. These workshops benefit the complete media and marketing process, assisting media planning, sales strategy and move clients to embrace more targeted messaging.

Creating marketing and business strategies which drive our clients potential in this fast moving and competitive market. Our approach recognises the pressures on resources within small medium sized business hence our hassle free and direct guidelines to greater revenues & progress.

"Working with Fiona has been a wonderful experience. Fiona has extremely strong business acumen and adept at building and nurturing client relationships that make her their trusted partner. Fiona is a natural problem-solver, understands the power of creativity with a tenacity to deliver and as a leader, grows teams of inspired people for whom nothing is impossible. "

Peter Martin Group Managing Directoe SMP & Melody advertising