Enhancing the customer experience…

From landlords/asset management, mall owners, retailers & media operators, optimising the value from existing assets, identifying new commercial opportunities, & reviewing currently revenue agreements is a key operation, but one that is rarely prioritised.
Monetising assets through digital networks, creating in-store digital activities that marry to social media content as well as compatible commercial partnerships, enhances the customer/end-user experience whilst delivering measurable value to potential advertisers & commercial partners, a win-win for all.

Recognising areas & routes of high footfall &/or vehicular traffic, where content has the greatest opportunity to be digested, the first stage is to identify locations that meet the core criteria and eliminate those which don’t qualify, before further exploring potential across the supply chain.
With the advancements of AdTtech, the integration of customer behavioural data to serve contextually relevant content, in the right place at the right time can be facilitated with minimal disruption.

As an independent strategic commercialisation and business development agency as part of our commercial services we build & monetise assets through digital networks, brokering commercial partnerships, & through supporting creativity