Optimism in retail….

I recently participated in a fantastic discussion on the future of retail with many of the UK’s leading retailers, landlords & asset management.
The focus was on the changes needed to reflect customer behaviours, the pressures on the business supply chain, changes individual retailers intend to retain, & top of the list, customer orientation across all retail environments from high streets & malls to airports.
The conversation was an honest dive from all perspectives. Revenue losses, business rates, footfall predictions, online/offline process & customer engagement
For my part, the role of digital & digital transformation, with the opportunities it brings...
Improving the customer in-store experience & connection through technology, accepting & reflecting the physical & digital purchases coexist in the same customer journey.
An in-store digital customer communication channel, an integrated element of the omnichannel strategy, replicating the retailer's social media output, can bridge the gap by leveraging digital technology & customer data.

Building a connected digital in-store network is no longer a luxury, it’s business critical, the right content brings fresh energy to the experience.

Working alongside retailers, mall owners & digital innovations is bringing that transformation to fruition, albeit slowly, but it’s moving…
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