Pinch, adopt, adapt.....

Pinch, adopt/adapt.....

Over the years, media channels have employed strategic initiatives to expand share & solidify their presence in the industry.

Many are relevant to OOH, so a journey through to some of these successes, the tactics & insights could elevate OOH market share effectively, through adopting/adapting to achieve similar growth

Unlocking market share success starts in the depth of engagement with clients/brands. I've written many a piece here, so I'll leave that one for now

Digital transformation has been a driving force behind the evolution of many media channels. From press transitioning to online platforms to TV networks embracing streaming. the ability to adapt to digital trends has been paramount.
Classic OOH still represents 80%+ of the total inventory, & is where the canvas still inspires creativity. The sector has capitalised on digital technologies to enhance reach & relevance, through a programme of transformations or new networks/operators. By investing at pace, OOH offers dynamic, targeted solutions. Embracing programmatic buying & real-time data analytics supports the values in delivering & optimising effectiveness.

Personalisation has become a cornerstone of success in media channels such as social media & online, leveraging data analytics & user insights to deliver tailored content.
OOH is a one to many channel, but data-driven insights & location-based/geofencing, delivers equally targeted messages to audience segments. Hyper-targeted campaigns via audience profiling offers precision & effectiveness.

Strategic partnerships play a pivotal role in expanding the market reach of various media channels. Whether through content syndication, x-promotional campaigns, or JVs, collaborations have tapped into new audiences and revenue streams.
Collaborations with digital platforms, mobile apps, & e-commerce will integrate OOH into omnichannel marketing strategies. By forging alliances & synergies across the industry, OOH can come in from the cold.

Media channels that invest in research & development, to anticipate future trends are better positioned to capture share & sustain long-term growth.
Our differentiation lies in our immediacy & creativity on a one to many basis, as well as our position on sustainability. By investing in a culture of innovation & experimentation, OOH can drive engagement & memories that few others can.

We talk a lot about market share stagnation. Implementing previous successes with a collective voice, focused outwardly, direct to clients, into the wider media/marketing world, may well to the key to shape the future of OOH

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