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The resurrection........

....of OOH media integration, with digital and mobile channels has risen again, brands seeking to capture the attention of their target audience. As an industry expert with years of experience in OOH advertising, I've witnessed firsthand the power of integrating traditional outdoor advertising with digital and mobile platforms to create impactful campaigns that drive results.

It's not rocket science to implement one of the most effective strategies for integrating OOH advertising with digital and mobile channels through geotargeting. Leveraging location-based data, to deliver targeted messages based on their real-time location, which in turn, ensures brand communications reach the right audience at the right time, in the right environment, in the right mindset.

Whether it's exposure on DOOH in high-traffic areas or sending mobile push notifications to users in proximity to a physical store/event/service, geotargeting allows brands to maximise the impact of their OOH campaigns.
Incorporating QR codes & NFC technology technologies into OOH, (not cross-track please), brands can seamlessly bridge the gap between the physical & digital worlds, a point I talk about continuously in retail media, allowing potential customers to engage in new, meaningful and innovative ways. Whether it's scanning a QR code to access exclusive content or tapping an NFC-enabled to make a direct purchase, these interactive experiences capture attention & drive action.

Sweating data and analytics are essential for optimising OOH campaigns in conjunction with digital & mobile channels. By tracking metrics clients/brands can gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of their OOH campaigns & make data-driven decisions to improve performance. Whether it's adjusting messaging based on real-time feedback or modifying budget by channels, data-driven optimisation ensures that clients/brands maximum efficiencies & effectiveness.

The integration of OOH with digital and mobile channels also plays to omnichannel planning, again spoken about frequently here, offering powerful opportunities to reach & engage consumers in meaningful ways. By employing strategies such as geotargeting, QR codes, NFC technology, and data-driven optimisation, seamless omnichannel experiences drive results & lead to successful business outcomes.

Diversiffi Media is a global independent commercialisation and business development agency, recognised for building & monetising assets through digital OOH networks, digital transformation, dynamic content & brokering commercial partnerships

OOH in an omnichannel world....

Last week, I had the pleasure of a sit down with an esteemed colleague to discuss retail media & omnichannel planning, but they couldn't see the value & opportunity to OOH. So I thought what better than to shed a little light on the best practices for OOH campaigns within an omnichannel framework.

We know data is king, so to effectively measure & optimise OOH campaigns, it's imperative to integrate data from multiple sources, & leverage advanced analytics tools & technologies for deeper insights into consumer behaviour & effectiveness across various touchpoints

We also know, gone are the days of a one-size-fits-all approach. Successful OOH campaigns rely on audience segmentation & targeting strategies. Sweating data-driven insights permits more relevant messaging, which not only enhances campaign effectiveness but also potentially, maximises ROI

Real-time optimisation is essential for success. By exploiting tracking technologies. campaign performance in real-time can be quickly adjusted based on changing market conditions &/or consumer behaviour. This agility ensures that OOH remains relevant & impactful throughout its duration.

In omnichannel planning, OOH media doesn't exist in isolation, that's the point.. OOH lives seamlessly with other media channels, that span multiple touchpoints, so messaging & engagement can connect at every stage of the customer path, as the physical & digital co-exist in the same journey.

A real key point here, measuring the impact of OOH campaigns is challenging, given the complex nature of consumer behaviour, but by employing attribution modelling techniques, a clearer understanding of the role that OOH plays in driving consumer actions, such as store visits, online purchases, and brand interactions can be achieved. Brands can better allocate their marketing budgets & optimise campaign performance by accurately attributing conversions to OOH touchpoints.

Measuring & optimising OOH campaigns in omnichannel planning requires a strategic data-driven approach. Comprehensive data integration, audience segmentation, real-time monitoring, cross-channel synergy, and attribution modelling, to drive meaningful results.

That is a topline explanation of OOH within an omnichannel framework, but I hope it at least sets the scene

Diversiffi Media is a global independent commercialisation and business development agency, recognised for building & monetising assets through digital OOH networks, digital transformation, dynamic content & brokering commercial partnerships

Social amplification is a game changer to omnichannel planning.....

The seamless fusion of OOH creativity with the dynamic landscape of social media creates an unparalleled execution.

The synergy between OOH & social platforms magnifies brand messaging, fostering user-generated content & leaving an indelible memory on audiences. By marrying the physical and digital realms, brands can achieve unprecedented visibility and engagement across both offline & online spaces.

This strategic integration expands brand reach, captivating audiences in physical locations while simultaneously extending online presence through social media channels. Compelling content prompts action, ignites conversations, & drives users to interact with the brand online.

Consistency in messaging & branding across DOOH & social media platforms reinforces brand identity, culminating in a cohesive brand experience. By leveraging data from both channels, marketers gain invaluable insights into campaign performance, allowing for more informed decision-making & optimisation.

Social amplification through DOOH represents a strategic imperative for brands seeking to maximise their impact in an increasingly digital world. By harnessing the unique strengths of both mediums, brands can level up their presence, connect with diverse audiences, & unlock insights for long-term success, creating immersive campaigns that bridge the online and offline worlds, driving better results and a deeper connection.

Diversiffi Media is a global independent commercialisation and business development agency, recognised for building & monetising assets through digital OOH networks, digital transformation, dynamic content & brokering commercial partnerships

Accelerating AdTech integration…

Accelerating AdTech integration…

The impact of AdTech & the implications of programmatic OOH for clients has been both swiftly & widely adopted, revolutionising the immediacy with which clients can react & adapt.

Client’s curiosity is intensifying, albeit as part of their continued review of media efficiency, but DOOH’s evolution & investment has come back with renewed strength. For this sector, & some operators, these developments are long overdue.

Integrating new technologies that deliver greater efficiency & impact to marketing objectives, & align to brand strategy will always be welcome, but as ever, ‘just because you can doesn’t mean you should’ so it remains an enabler for ideas, not the base ideas are generated from.

Technologies within LED screens & the imaginations of creative teams, not only deliver impact in-situ but travel globally via social media, a great partnership, one we are seeing grow more & more. Japan £d Skinjuku cat is a great example

Diversiffi Media is an independent commercialisation & business development agency, building marketing strategies, securing commercial partnerships & advising on AdTech integration

It may be raining again, but it's not dampening our spirits

Sport always brings us together, England through to play again tomorrow in the Euros against Denmark, Wimbledon is in the final weeks with new names rising to the top…all brilliantly giving a sense of camaraderie & renewed energy

That’s translating back into business, with projects being revisited, new executions, new ideas returned to & potential revenues opportunities coming to fruition.

Not only has, understandably, the last 18 mths put much on the back burner but it’s often left due to lack of resources &/or the expertise to bring them to reality

However, that’s shifting. Now is the time to re-examine those projects you knew were right for your business & your customers, & move them into action. At the very least, get the right advisors to review & research its validity. It could be the game changer you’re looking for or solve a problem that just niggling away, the one that starts swirling as your head hits the pillow ……….