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OOH in an omnichannel world....

Last week, I had the pleasure of a sit down with an esteemed colleague to discuss retail media & omnichannel planning, but they couldn't see the value & opportunity to OOH. So I thought what better than to shed a little light on the best practices for OOH campaigns within an omnichannel framework.

We know data is king, so to effectively measure & optimise OOH campaigns, it's imperative to integrate data from multiple sources, & leverage advanced analytics tools & technologies for deeper insights into consumer behaviour & effectiveness across various touchpoints

We also know, gone are the days of a one-size-fits-all approach. Successful OOH campaigns rely on audience segmentation & targeting strategies. Sweating data-driven insights permits more relevant messaging, which not only enhances campaign effectiveness but also potentially, maximises ROI

Real-time optimisation is essential for success. By exploiting tracking technologies. campaign performance in real-time can be quickly adjusted based on changing market conditions &/or consumer behaviour. This agility ensures that OOH remains relevant & impactful throughout its duration.

In omnichannel planning, OOH media doesn't exist in isolation, that's the point.. OOH lives seamlessly with other media channels, that span multiple touchpoints, so messaging & engagement can connect at every stage of the customer path, as the physical & digital co-exist in the same journey.

A real key point here, measuring the impact of OOH campaigns is challenging, given the complex nature of consumer behaviour, but by employing attribution modelling techniques, a clearer understanding of the role that OOH plays in driving consumer actions, such as store visits, online purchases, and brand interactions can be achieved. Brands can better allocate their marketing budgets & optimise campaign performance by accurately attributing conversions to OOH touchpoints.

Measuring & optimising OOH campaigns in omnichannel planning requires a strategic data-driven approach. Comprehensive data integration, audience segmentation, real-time monitoring, cross-channel synergy, and attribution modelling, to drive meaningful results.

That is a topline explanation of OOH within an omnichannel framework, but I hope it at least sets the scene

Diversiffi Media is a global independent commercialisation and business development agency, recognised for building & monetising assets through digital OOH networks, digital transformation, dynamic content & brokering commercial partnerships

Navigating the evolving OOH landscape....

The Out of Home (OOH) industry is experiencing unprecedented growth, with annual revenues surpassing $8.6 billion in the US & nearing the £1.4 billion mark in the UK, encompassing various formats such as digital Out of Home (DOOH), billboards, street furniture, transit advertising, & place-based media like cinema. However, beyond conventional planning & buying, there exists a rising demand for comprehensive insight & expert guidance across the intricate supply chain.

This supply chain involves numerous stakeholders & processes, each playing a vital role in delivering advertising messages to target audiences. It begins with the strategic commercialisation of untapped land & space in high footfall locations, leveraging advancements in technology like programmatic buying, data analytics, & digital signage to reshape the OOH landscape.

To navigate this thriving media ecosystem successfully, unparalleled expertise in commercialisation and business development is essential. Whether you're a media owner, venue proprietor, agency, or brand, extracting the best value propositions for your assets demands a holistic, insightful & independent approach. It requires the ability to dissect the intricacies of the ecosystem to uncover true value, crafting bespoke, sustainable programs with achievable solutions.

OOH Commercialisation serves as a linchpin across various industry facets, including valuation/appraisal for landlords in both the public and private sectors, due diligence for M&A activity, infrastructure planning, retail & transport media, estate development, & business planning. Collaborating closely with municipalities, retail owners, & property developers, exporting cutting-edge thinking & best practices worldwide.

Diversiffi Media, stands as the driving force behind global OOH commercialisation & development. We provide a bespoke, highly specialized service that unlocks value from the OOH market, driving growth, innovation, and long-term success for our clients.

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