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Dracula - the magic of OOH

The BBC OOH creative for Dracula, using with the elements is just brilliant.

I can only imagine the efforts, persistence and determination that went into creating such a unique execution. The multiple testing to find the right location, the angle of the light source to bring the image to life in shadows, the placement of each stake, all capturing everything we conjure up when we think of Dracula.  Movement in the shadows, bringing back life at dusk, stakes through the heart.

And whilst the majority celebrated such great creativity, I've read/hear a few within the content sector seem to be a bit miffed. I think we all recognise such an execution cannot be delivered at scale and was created to be shared, and brilliantly shared it has been.

When it comes to creativity, content in itself, embracing all/relevant platforms rather than one over another, and collaborating to amplifies messaging means everyone wins, especially our clients…