The missing word ………


My least favourite expression when referring to OOH market share is “moving the dial"  I’m not keen because it stops there, rarely followed by any collective action that engages clients directly, which is where I believe it starts.

I believe OOH is in a pivotal position right now, but we need to grab the opportunity through transformative collaboration, to co-create success stories.

Unlocking market share success lies in the depth of engagement with advertising clients. It's not about selling specific formats or operators but fostering strategic partnerships across the sector that enrich all stakeholders.

The days of transactional relationships are long gone. As media owners/vendors/advisers, we need to position ourselves as knowledge advocates. Engaging with advertising clients on a deeper level, understanding their industry nuances, objectives, & challenges. Transforming our, in my case OOH spaces, into strategic assets by aligning them with the unique outcomes of clients.

Shifting the narrative from being a mere space provider to becoming a strategic consultant, by offering insights, industry trends ect, as a collective, not as individuals. Creating avenues for educating advertising clients on the full spectrum of our medium & how it has evolved in the digital age, empowers clients & in turn allows us to their unique needs.

In the age of data, precision is paramount. Data-driven campaigns are not just effective, they're essential for staying ahead in a competitive landscape. Transparent metrics build trust and confidence in the value & collaboration brought to the table.

It's time to lead the narrative with 1 voice direct to clients, alongside 3rd parties, provide options, & empower clients to invest in partnerships that transcend the ordinary.

Diversiffi Media is a global independent commercialisation and business development agency, recognised for building & monetising assets through digital OOH networks, digital transformation, dynamic content & brokering commercial partnerships

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