Tokyo 2020 Olympic/Paralympic Games, the opportunities for all brands

In 12 months to this very day, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games is over and the teams will be getting ready for the closing ceremony, thereafter final preparations for the opening ceremony of the Paralympics, 16 days later, will be locked in.

The Olympic/Paralympic Games creates global excitement, with each country getting behind their teams with unprecedented passion and devotion, captivated by athletics who have dedicated their lives to that one moment.

55 different sports make up Games, from individual events to team sports, motivating the masses to get involved. As we know, there is always an uplift in sport take up around the Games, whether more cycling, more running, more tennis.... the list is endless. For some, this is a short term enjoyment but for many, this becomes a lifetime passion and one that brands should capitalise on.

Tokyo 2020 Worldwide sponsors are in the midst of putting the final touches on their Olympic/Paralympic marketing ambitions. However, all brands can leverage the Games euphoria, creating lifetime loyalty’s and be forever associated with great experiences, when executed in the right, most authentic and meaningful way.
Creating a partnership that compliments, shares values, goals, and investment for the longer term, can be an extremely advantageous approach.

Structuring an agreement, whether, for example, brand to brand or brand to platform/channel takes time, resource and persistence, but certainly worth the return when done well, delivering brand ubiquity to a relevant, engaged audience.

All collaborations need to start with the customer experience and value delivery at its heart and shaped from there, utilising brand assets with the opportunity to build something unique.

Fully integrated brand partnerships should never be overlooked as the rewards are worth the effort, and lifetime customers are the greatest asset you can have.....