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Never leave opportunities unexplored...........

There’s a sense of renewed energy swirling about which moves ideas forward

Many businesses & clients are revisiting ideas & potential revenues opportunities which have been left on the table because they don’t have the resources, time or the expertise to bring them to fruition,
From our client’s perspective, removing a niggling pressure is a huge relief, letting them turn their attention to other parts of the business. We own the problem/business issue, deliver against agreed KPI’s, & make things happen, both as a standalone or collaborating with existing suppliers.

Projects ranging from leading product launches, developing new revenues streams, bringing a more dynamic approach to creativity, &/or creating bespoke commercial partnerships that have the power and scale for sustainable growth

The market is moving again, now is the time to revisit ideas & get curious as to what could be…if you’ve left potential business concept behind, let's see if they are viable…

Accelerating AdTECH integration…

The impact of AdTech & the implications of programmatic OOH for clients has been both swiftly & widely adopted, revolutionising the immediately with which clients can react & adapt.

We are seeing our clients curiosity intensifying, albeit as part of their continued review of media efficiency, as DOOH’s evolution & investment comes back with renewed strength. For this sector, & some operators, these developments are long overdue, many have been forced to play catch up, adjusting to changes their client are expecting in delivering campaign efficiencies.

As new platforms enter the market, for clients direct, ensure you evaluate according to your customer base & marketing/media strategy aligning potential platform partners ‘ingredients’ align with your audience expectations & measurable needs.

For media vendors, keep your own estate front of mind, audience, environments & locations along with your business model, then make your decision. You can make additions at a later date

Diversiffi Media is an independent marketing strategy & commercial development consultancy, building marketing strategies, securing commercial partnerships & advising on AdTECH integration
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